Luxury Fishing Tour

Indulge in Refined Luxury on the Waters of the Bay of Kotor

Prepare to elevate your angling escapades to new heights as you immerse yourself in the tranquil expanse of the Bay of Kotor. Our fishing tours promise not just a mere excursion, but a symphony of refined luxury where every cast is imbued with elegance and every catch heralds an unforgettable adventure.

Very easy and efficient parking system.
Price was very competitive. The staff is very professional and kind. Excellent security for keeping my car safe for the duration of time I required.
Definitely recommend.

Also Nikola was very respectful , kind and accommodating , he helped us to make the process very smooth for my grandmother to reach to the port and back to the parking . We loved the island …a must visit place.

– Smita Jadhav

This parking is owned by a company Pulena boats and they also provide private day trips with speed boats.
Parking is in a shade and you have toilet facility with optional coffee, soft drinks or water…
Would recommend this place to everyone.
Boris with his family…


Guided by Expert Fishermen, Crafted Just for You

Step aboard our vessels and allow our seasoned fishermen to lead you on an extraordinary journey through the pristine waters of the bay.

With a wealth of

experience and a passion for angling that knows no bounds, our guides are devoted to sculpting an angling experience that transcends the ordinary and resonates uniquely with you.

Embark on an Early Morning Adventure

Set your alarms for the crack of dawn and prepare to greet the day in the most spectacular fashion. Our fishing tours begin at the serene hours of 5 am and 6 am, ensuring that you witness the bay in its tranquil morning glory. Departing from our designated location, each tour offers an exclusive opportunity to explore the rich fishing grounds of the Bay of Kotor at a time when the world is just stirring awake.

Starting at

5 am

6 am

Claim Your Bounty, Every Catch Yours to Keep

As the sun rises over the horizon, you’ll cast your lines into the shimmering waters, anticipation hanging thick in the air. With each tug on your line, the promise of adventure beckons, and every catch becomes a triumph to be celebrated.

Best of all, everything you reel in is yours to claim, a testament to your skill and the bounty of the bay. Join us for a morning of unparalleled fishing excitement, where the early bird truly catches the fish.

Secure Your Spot

Parking and Amenities

Enjoy complimentary amenities at our parking spot: a coffee shop, souvenir shop, free Wi-Fi, and toilets. Our parking area is under camera surveillance for extra safety. Just a one-minute walk from the boat departure point.

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Experience unparalleled fishing adventures tailored just for you. From deep-sea thrills to coastal serenity, we cater to every angler’s dream. Reserve now and dive into the heart of the Bay of Kotor’s fishing paradise!